RV Storage

Do you need a place to keep your RV secure and out of the way? If that’s the case, then what options do you have for RV storage? For most of us, building a unit on our property just to store such large items is simply unrealistic! Should you find yourself in this situation, stop by Kuiper Brothers Self Storage to discover the RV storage options that we have available.
RV Storage
Prior to Renting
Before you decide to store your RV, there are some guidelines that you will need to follow. You will first want to make sure that you measure your RV BEFORE you select your storage space. A few more things to think about are:

Make sure your RV is in running condition or on a trailer.
You will need to show the RV registration and/or title.
Make sure that you inspect and unplug all electrical devices as well as your battery before you store your RV.
Outdoor RV Storage
Our outdoor RV storage lots consist of high-quality stone. Our RV storage lots are made in this manner so that you and your family will not be tracking mud and dirt into your RV! Maintenance is provided to ensure a WEED FREE lot and maintained year round.