Boat Storage

Are you a fisherman whose grandest possession is your fishing boat, but you don’t have a place to store it while not in use? Do you live in an apartment, but you own a boat or wave runner? Have you simply used all the storage space you have at home and don’t know where you are going to store your boat? There is no need to worry or look any further for boat storage options. Kuiper Brothers Self-Storage can help you with all of your boat storage needs. We are close to West Lake, Austin Lake, Long Lake, Sugarloaf Lake, Gourdeneck Lake and Hogset Lake! We offer you convenience and value because we store everything, big or small!
Boat Storage
Outdoor Boat Storage
The best place to store your boat is out of the water! Kuiper Brothers Self-Storage offers you a variety of outdoor storage options for your boat. We can accommodate all types and sizes of boats. When you are looking for outdoor boat storage options, you need to keep the following in mind:
  • Our outdoor boat storage lots are comprised of high-quality stone.
  • Our outdoor boat storage lots are designed in this way so that you and your family will not be tracking mud and dirt.
  • Year round maintenance and care is provided to ensure a WEED FREE lot!